The global COVID-19 pandemic is a severe and acute international health emergency of the highest priority in India and worldwide.

In an effort to control the epidemic, India has enacted strict measures to combat new coronavirus spread, including a national lockdown. Especially in resource-limited settings, pandemic countermeasures have profound health, social and economic consequences.

In effect since March 24, 2020, the end date for the lockdown is currently unknown. As prescribed by the lockdown, field work has ceased. Our response priorities are fourfold:

  1. To ensure that our field staff are safe, secure, and fully informed about the disease and prevention measures.
  2. To support the excellent COVID-19 response effort lead by our partners, Gram Vaani through provision of up to date public health content adapted to local audiences, by developing related research studies, and in the field, once this becomes possible.
  3. To support the Government of India in reintroducing essential health services such as immunization, antenatal care, and nutritional support, and in effective communication with communities about COVID-19.
  4. To continue with our core work developing and testing innovations to support immunization at the earliest.

We will come through this as a team. We will provide our full support to the process of pandemic response and recovery.